Badlands: Ballads Of The Lakota is the 13th studio album of American country singer Marty Stuart, released in 2005. It is his third album with his band The Fabulous Superlatives. Like their previous project, this is a concept album, focusing on the history of the Native American struggle. All of the songs are written by Stuart himself, except for 'Big Foot', which was written by Johnny Cash.

Track listing

1."Everette Helper's Song"Marty Stuart 
2."Badlands"Marty Stuart 
3."Trip To Little Big Horn"Marty Stuart 
4."Old Man's Vision"Marty Stuart 
5."Wounded Knee"Marty Stuart 
6."Big Foot"John R. Cash 
7."Hotchkiss Gunner's Lament"Marty Stuart 
8."Broken Promise Land"Marty Stuart 
9."Casino"Marty Stuart 
10."So You Want To Be An Indian"Marty Stuart 
11."Walking Through The Prayers"Marty Stuart 
12."Three Chiefs"Marty Stuart 
13."Listen To The Children"Marty Stuart 


Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives

Additional Musicians

  • David Angell - violin
  • Sam Bacco - percussion
  • Connie Ellisor - violin
  • Mark Fain - upright bass
  • Tony Harrell - Hammond organ
  • Marvin Helper - introduction vocals
  • Byron House - bass guitar
  • Anthony LaMarchina - cello
  • Carole Rabinowitz - cello
  • Pamela Sixfin - violin
  • Connie Smith - background vocals
  • Robbie Turner - steel guitar
  • Kristin Wilkinson - string arrangements, viola

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