Song: Everything You Know Is Wrong

Running Time: 3:47

Year: 1994

Album: Bad Hair Day

Parody of: Style parody of They Might Be Giants

Lyrics: Lyrics

Video: No

Fan Video

Download/Listen: Mp3

Forum: Forum Discussion Page


  • The song parodies several common elements of early They Might Be Giants songs, particularly ones written and sung by keyboardist John Linnell: the use of accordion, electric organ, saxophone and drum machine; and rambling, bizarrely morbid lyrics offset by cheery melodies. The slow organ intro sounds similar to the intros of TMBG's "Sensurround" and "Out of Jail"
  • In the February 1999 "Ask Al" column, Al confirmed that the song's title is a reference to the Firesign Theatre 1974 album of the same name.

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