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Now That's What I Call Music 40 or Now 40 was released on 3 August 1998. The album is the 40th edition of the (UK) Now! series. It was released on audio cassette and Compact Disc.

Now 40 features eight songs which reached number one in the UK Singles Chart: "Viva Forever", "Because We Want To","Lady Marmalade", "Feel It", "Doctor Jones", "All That I Need", "Under the Bridge" and "Three Lions '98".

This album has a double appearance from All Saints.

Track listing

CD/Tape 1

1."The Grease Megamix"John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John4:49
2."Viva Forever"Spice Girls4:12
3."Looking for Love"Karen Ramirez3:52
4."Because We Want To"Billie3:45
5."Lady Marmalade"All Saints4:00
6."Horny '98"Mousse T. vs. Hot 'N' Juicy3:39
7."Feel It"The Tamperer featuring Maya3:13
8."Doctor Jones"Aqua3:21
9."Last Thing on My Mind"Steps3:03
10."You Make Me Feel Like Dancing"Groove Generation featuring Leo Sayer3:53
11."Kung Fu Fighting"Bus Stop featuring Carl Douglas3:48
12."New Kind of Medicine"Ultra Naté3:41
13."Stranded"Lutricia McNeal3:26
14."Lost in Space"Lighthouse Family5:20
15."All That I Need"Boyzone3:38
16."Under the Bridge"All Saints4:58
17."All My Life"K-Ci & JoJo3:41
18."I Get Lonely" (TNT Remix Edition)Janet Jackson4:15
19."Be Careful"Sparkle featuring R. Kelly5:12
20."Kiss the Girl"Peter Andre2:52

CD/Tape 2

1."The Boys of Summer"Don Henley4:46
2."Dance the Night Away"The Mavericks4;20
3."Save Tonight"Eagle Eye Cherry3:50
4."Road Rage"Catatonia3:44
5."Big Mistake"Natalie Imbruglia4:33
6."Come Back to What You Know"Embrace4:08
7."Sonnet"The Verve4:22
8."Teardrop"Massive Attack4:38
10."Three Lions '98"Baddiel, Skinner and The Lightning Seeds3:56
11."Vindaloo"Fat Les3:39
12."The Rockafeller Skank"Fatboy Slim3:59
13."Needin' U"David Morales presents The Face3:32
14."I Can't Help Myself"Lucid3:03
15."Keep On Dancin' (Let's Go)"Perpetual Motion3:21
16."Everybody Dance (The Horn Song)"Barbara Tucker3:46
17."Where Are You?"Imaani3:17
18."Night Fever"Adam Garcia3:35
19."Do You Love Me Boy?"Kerri-Ann3:21
20."No Tengo Dinero"Los Umbrellos3:35


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