Now That's What I Call Music! 41 or Now 41 was released in 1998 on audio cassette and Compact Disc. The album is the 41st edition of the (UK) Now! series.

Now 41 features eight songs which reached number one on the UK Singles Chart: "No Matter What", "Millennium", "Heartbeat", "I Want You Back", "Bootie Call", "Turn Back Time", "Too Much", and "Girlfriend".

The original version of the James song "Sit Down" previously appeared on Now 20.

Track listing

CD/Tape 1

1."No Matter What"Boyzone4:33
2."Millennium"Robbie Williams3:33
3."Perfect 10"The Beautiful South3:39
4."Sweetest Thing"U23:02
5."I Just Wanna Be Loved"Culture Club3:44
6."Life Is a Flower"Ace of Base3:34
7."Crush"Jennifer Paige3:11
9."Finally Found"Honeyz4:06
10."Each Time"East 173:57
11."Little Bit of Lovin'"Kele Le Roc4:04
12."Everything's Gonna Be Alright"Sweetbox3:11
13."Come Back Darling"UB403:28
14."I Want You Back"Melanie B featuring Missy Elliott3:27
15."Bootie Call"All Saints3:26
16."Turn Back Time"Aqua3:57
17."Too Much"Spice Girls3:53
18."Someone Loves You Honey"Lutricia McNeal2:54
19."Question of Faith"Lighthouse Family3:51
20."True Colors"Phil Collins3:52
21."Every Time"Janet Jackson4:16

CD/Tape 2

1."Girlfriend"Billie Piper3:56
2."More Than a Woman"9113:13
3."Sex on the Beach"T-Spoon3:40
4."If You Buy This Record Your Life Will Be Better"The Tamperer featuring Maya3:27
5."Music Sounds Better with You"Stardust4:21
6."Up and Down"Vengaboys3:45
7."Move Mania"Sash! featuring Shannon3:46
8."Would You...?"Touch and Go3:10
9."Dreams" (Tee's Radio Mix)The Corrs3:54
10."My Favourite Game"The Cardigans3:37
11."Sit Down'98"James3:47
12."Gangster Tripping"Fatboy Slim3:32
13."Falling In Love Again"Eagle Eye Cherry3:31
14."My Favorite Mistake"Sheryl Crow4:05
15."No Regrets"Robbie Williams4:44
16."We Gotta Get Out of This Place"Space3:20
17."My Weakness Is None of Your Business"Embrace3:19
18."The Incidentals"Alisha's Attic3:09
20."Home Alone"R. Kelly featuring Keith Murray4:13
21."Tell Me Ma"Sham Rock3:49

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