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Now That's What I Call Music! 43 or Now 43 was released in 1999. The album is the 43rd edition of the (UK) Now! series.

Now 43 was the first Now album available on Mini Disc format, with Now 48 being the last. It was also available on audio cassette and CD format.

Now 43 features eight songs which reached number one on the UK Singles Chart: "Perfect Moment", "You Needed Me", "I Want It That Way", "Sweet Like Chocolate", "Bring It All Back", "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom", "9pm (Till I Come)" and "Everybodys Free (To Wear Sunscreen)".

Track listing

CD/MD/Tape 1

1."Perfect Moment"Martine McCutcheon3:53
2."You Needed Me"Boyzone3:29
3."I Want It That Way"Backstreet Boys3:34
4."Sweet Like Chocolate"Shanks & Bigfoot3:33
5."Bring It All Back"S Club 73:31
6."Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom"Vengaboys3:22
7."9PM ('Til I Come)"ATB2:33
8."Turn Around"Phats & Small3:32
9."Red Alert"Basement Jaxx3:35
10."Without Love"Dina Carroll3:35
11."Look at Me"Geri Halliwell3:42
12."I Breathe Again"Adam Rickitt3:46
13."Viva La Radio"Lolly2:47
15."Say It Again"Precious2:59
16."Love of a Lifetime"Honeyz3:37
17."Private Number"9113:32
18."Your Kisses Are Charity"Culture Club4:19
19."Greatest Day"Beverley Knight4:00
20."Word Up"Melanie G3:40
21."Dayz Like That"Fierce3:47
22."Forever"Tina Cousins4:02

CD/MD/Tape 2

1."Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)"Baz Luhrmann5:05
2."In Our Lifetime"Texas4:04
3."You Get What You Give"New Radicals4:40
4."Pumping On Your Stereo"Supergrass3:20
6."Ooh La La"The Wiseguys3:41
7."Hey Boy Hey Girl"The Chemical Brothers4:49
8."Right Here Right Now"Fatboy Slim5:56
9."Saltwater"Chicane featuring Maire Brennan of Clannad3:23
10."Cloud Number Nine"Bryan Adams4:10
11."Coffee & TV"Blur5:02
12."Beat Mama"Cast3:40
13."Pick A Part That's New"Stereophonics3:31
14."Bring It On"Gomez3:56
15."Secret Smile"Semisonic3:47
16."I Know What I'm Here For"James3:56
17."Synth & Strings"Yomanda3:17
18."Better Off Alone"DJ Jurgen presents Alice DeeJay3:03
19."To Be In Love"Masters At Work presents India3:28

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