Shining Line is the name of an international Album-oriented rock project[1] born from the collaboration between the Italian musicians Pierpaolo Monti and Amos Monti, produced by the acclaimed Template:Citation-needed Alessandro Del Vecchio (known for his work with artists just like Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes, Bobby Kimball, and many others [2]) and supported by the instrumental work of the Italian guitar players Marco "Dandy" D'Andrea and Mario Percudani. The project sees the involvement of guests from the past and present melodic rock scene such as Erik Martensson, Robin Beck, Harry Hess, Mikael Erlandsson, Michael Voss and Michael Bormann as lead vocalists, plus musicians including Vinny Burns and Douglas R. Docker amongst others.[3]

Mixed and mastered by Michael Voss in his Kidroom Studios in Germany and released in 2010 by German label Avenue Of Allies Music,[4] the sophomore debut album received big acclaim from fans and press, with enthusiastic reviews on the major websites and magazines of the melodic rock world.[5][6][7]

In 2011, the Shining Line's backing forces Pierpaolo Monti and Amos Monti started to work together on a new AOR project called Charming Grace, involving in it their label mate Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri (of Wheels Of Fire).[8] The result of this collaboration is the same-titled debut album, released once again by Avenue Of Allies Music in April 2013.[9]

Track listing

  1. "Highway of Love" - with Erik Martensson
  2. "Amy" - with Harry Hess
  3. "Strong Enough" - with Robbie LaBlanc
  4. "Heaven's Paths" - instrumental
  5. "Heat of the Light" - with Robin Beck
  6. "Can't Stop the Rock" - with Mikael Erlandsson
  7. "The Meaning of my Lonely Words" - with Michael Shotton
  8. "The Infinity in Us" - with Michael Voss
  9. "Still in your Heart" - with Sue Willets & Bob Harris
  10. "Homeless' Lullaby" - with Urlich Carlsson & Carsten Shulz
  11. "Follow the Stars" - with Phil Vinzent
  12. "Unbreakable Wire" - with Brunorock, Jack Meille, Graziano De Murtas, Alessandro Del Vecchio
  13. "Under Silent Walls - Part I " - instrumental
  14. "Under Silent Walls - Part II" - with Michael Bormann
  15. "Under Silent Walls - Part III" - instrumental


Band members

  • Pierpaolo Monti - Drums & Percussion
  • Amos Monti - Bass
  • Alessandro Del Vecchio - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
  • Marco "Dandy" D'Andrea - Guitars
  • Mario Percudani - Guitars

Full guestlist

  • Erik Martensson - Vocals
  • Harry Hess - Vocals
  • Robbie Lablanc - Vocals
  • Brian Lablanc - Backing Vocals
  • Robin Beck - Vocals
  • Mikael Erlandsson - Vocals
  • Michael Shotton - Vocals
  • Elisa Paganelli - Backing Vocals
  • Michael Voss - Vocals, Guitar Solos
  • Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz - Vocals
  • Ulrich Carlsson - Vocals
  • Bob Harris - Vocals
  • Sue Willetts - Vocals
  • Johan Bergquist - Backing Vocals
  • Phil Vincent - Vocals
  • Bruno Kraler - Vocals
  • Jack Meille - Vocals
  • Graziano 'Il Conte' De Murtas - Vocals
  • Michael Bormann - Vocals
  • Michael T. Ross - Keyboards Solo
  • Douglas R. Docker - Keyboards
  • Ivan Varsi - Guitars
  • Tank Palamara - Guitar Solo
  • Vinny Burns - Guitar Solo
  • Tommy Ermolli - Guitar Solo
  • Tim Manford - Guitar Solo
  • Marko Pavic - Guitar Solo
  • Matt Filippini - Guitar Solo


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