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True at Heart is the third solo album of the German female hard rock singer Doro. It was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and released in August 1991.

The third studio album of the former Warlock singer, Doro Pesch, is another exploration in new musical territory. Barry Beckett, a mainstream music producer, was chosen to produce the album, and a large number of musicians from Nashville participated in the recording sessions. The result is an intimate album, with many ballads, few uptempo songs and a bluesy feeling.

The album marks the beginning of the collaboration between Doro Pesch and Nashville guitarist Gary Scruggs.[1]


Track listing

1."Cool Love"Doro Pesch, Todd Cerney, Bob DiPiero3:45
2."You Gonna Break My Heart"Pesch, Dennis Morgan3:42
3."Even Angels Cry"Pesch, Gary Scruggs4:47
4."The Fortuneteller"Pesch, Scruggs5:15
5."Live It"Pesch, Morgan4:12
6."Fall for Me Again"Pesch, Scruggs4:12
7."Heartshaped Tattoo"Pesch, Cerney, DiPiero3:44
8."With the Wave of Your Hand"Pesch, Cerney, DiPiero4:52
9."Hear Me"Pesch, Morgan3:44
10."I'll Make It on My Own"Pesch, Vince Melamed4:07
11."Gettin' Nowhere Without You"Pesch, Scruggs4:20
12."I Know You by Heart"Pesch, Morgan5:03
Total length:51:43





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