Song: Ricky

Running Time: 2;37

Year: 1983

Album: '"Weird Al" YankovicThe Essential "Weird Al" Yankovic 3.0TV AlbumAl-In-The-BoxRicky,'Album name

Parody of: "Mickey" by Tony Basil

Lyrics: Lyrics

Video: Yes

Download/Listen: iTunes Link

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  • This is one of the many "Weird Al" songs where the theme is Television.
  • This song is based on a 50's show called "I Love Lucy", starring commedienne Lucille Ball (as Lucille 'Lucy' Esmeralda MacGillicuddy Ricardo ) and her husband Dezi Arnaz(as Enrique 'Ricky' Alberto Ricardo y de Acha III ).
  • This was Al's first music video.
  • Voice-over actress Tress MacNeille plays Lucy in the song and music video.


The music video was directed by Janet Greek.

Weird Al: Ricky Ricardo

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