Wild Rose
Origin Evosmos, Hellas
Years active 2004 (2004)–Present
Labels Lions Pride Music, Avalon / Marquee Inc, Steel Gallery Records, AOR Boulevard, AOR Heaven, Retrospect Records
Associated acts
  • Andy Rock
  • David Antonio Saylor
Website www<wbr/>.wildrose<wbr/>.gr
  • Andy Rock
  • Dirty Haris
  • John Bitzios
  • George Bitzios
  • Dimos Thomaidis
  • Panos Barkoutsos
Past members
  • Vagelis "Junior" Domanos
  • Phil "Gun" Salakoglou
  • "Tiny" Karpo Remondos
  • David Antonio Saylor
  • Wild Rose is a Hellenic rock band formed in 2004 in Evosmos, Hellas by Andy Rock (Andreas Peyos). The band made its first appearance to the audience in 2006 with Andy Rock (guitars, backing vocals), "Dirty" Haris Patsos (keyboards and backing vocals), Phil "Gun" Sakaloglou (bass), George Bitzios (vocals), John Bitzios (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Vagelis "Junior" Domanos (Drums and Percussion).

    The first studio album of Wild Rose, "Half Past Midnight", was released on 10 October 2011 by Retrospect Records and was awarded with Best Debut Album release / Newcomers of the year 2011 by Heavy Paradise.[1] Wild Rose collaborated with Alien in 2012 for the release of a tribute album under the name of “Brave New Love: A Tribute To Alien”, covering the well known track "Feel my love".[2] "Half Past Midnight" was sold out by 2013 was recorded as top sellers ever in Retrospect Records vast catalog in August 2013.[3]

    Wild Rose's second album "Dangerous" featured David Antonio Saylor on vocals and "Tiny" Karpo Remondos on the guitars in John Bitzios' place and was released on 22 February 2013 by AOR HEAVEN. Wild Rose “Dangerous” receives rave reviews worldwide from the press and in June 2013 hits No.1 on import sales in Japan (BURRN Magazine).[4] Dangerous was eventually sold out by February 2015. Wild Rose went on in March 2014 on their 10-year anniversary and signed with AOR boulevard records for the release of their third album, "Hit 'n' Run".[5] Dimos Thomaidis took the place of Junior on drums and percussion on this album. The first single of the record, "Through the Night", sat comfortably in number 1 of Classic Rock Chart for four weeks, three of which were consecutive.[6][7][8][9] Hit 'n' Run was eventually sold out by January 2016.

    Their fourth album, titled "4", would see George Bitzios back on the main vocals and John Bitzios on lead guitars. The band also hired a new bassist, Panos Barkoutsos to fill in the gap of Phil Gun. The album achieved a triple release in May 2016: 1) From Lion's pride music (universal), 2) Avalon / Marquee Inc. (Japanese edition) and 3) Steel Gallery Records (Hellenic limited edition).[10][11][12] Each edition featured its own special cover and the Japanese and Hellenic editions featured bonus tracks.

    Musical Style and Influence

    Wild Rose began with influences from Journey, Bon Jovi and Def Leppard and managed to find their own sound in 2006. Wild rose play a mixture of mainly A.O.R. but also classic hard rock and melodic rock. Sam McCaslin, CEO of Retrospect records, introduced the band with the phrase "Sounding like a combination of FM (indiscreet) , Strangeways , Drive She Said , Survivor , Pride of Lions and Alien".[3] They are characterized by lush keyboards, melodic guitar riffs and multi-layered harmonic vocals.

    Bruce Mee, a Fireworks magazine editor wrote "Like a glorious page ripped from the book of ‘Consummate 80s American Melodic Rock’, Wild Rose’s fourth release is a monumental achievement that will have fans of Survivor and Night Ranger begging for more. Simply amazing!".[13]


    Studio Albums

    Year Album
    2016 4
    2014 Hit 'n' Run
    2013 Dangerous
    2011 Half Past Midnight

    Track listing

    1. Desperate Heart
    2. Love Can Change You
    3. Summer Girl
    4. Time After Time
    5. Love Games
    6. Hot Wired
    7. Save The Night
    8. Broken Hearted
    9. Waiting For You
    10. Don’t Let Me Down
    Japanese Bonus Track
    11. All I Ever Need
    Hellenic Bonus Tracks
    11. Sleepless Night
    12. When It Comes To You
    Hit 'n' Run
    1. Through The Night
    2. I’ll Be There
    3. Stay
    4. Without Your Love
    5. Another Day
    6. Can’t Wait On Love
    7. Give In To Me
    8. Together
    9. Don’t Walk Away
    10. All For Love
    11. I Want Your Love
    1. Alone
    2. Hold On
    3. I Can’t Stop Loving You
    4. If You Still Love Me
    5. Dream On
    6. Awake
    7. Tonight
    8. I Won’t Forget You
    9. Is This Love
    10. Not A Day Goes by
    Half Past Midnight
    1. Half Past Midnight
    2. That Girl
    3. Hold Me
    4. Too Late
    5. Goodbye
    6. Come Back
    7. Fire in the Night
    8. Want You Back
    9. Another Shot
    10. It’s All About Love
    11. Edge of Your Dreams


    Year Title Type
    2007 Half Past Midnight EP
    2007 It's All About Love Single
    2006 Edge of your Dreams Demo


    Current members

    • Andy "Rock" Peyos - Guitars, Backing Vocals
    • "Dirty" Haris Patsos - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
    • John Bitzios - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
    • George Bitzios - Vocals
    • Dimos Thomaidis - Drums and Percussion
    • Panos Barkoutsos - Bass

    Former Members

    • Vagelis "Junior" Domanos - Drums and percussion (Half Past Midnight, Dangerous)
    • Phil "Gun" Sakaloglou - Bass (Half Past Midnight, Dangerous, Hit 'n' Run)
    • "Tiny" Karpo Remondos - Lead Guitar (Dangerous, Hit 'n' Run)
    • David Antonio Saylor - Vocals (Dangerous, Hit 'n' Run)


    • Francois Malan - Tenor Saxophone (Dangerous Tr.8)
    • John & Artinsound Studios - Alto Saxophone (Dangerous Tr.8)
    • Tatiana Economou - Background vocals (Dangerous Tr.8)
    • Romany May Saylor - Background vocals (Hit 'n' Run Tr. 8)
    • Chris Siloma - Background vocals (Dangerous, Hit 'n' Run, 4)

    Side Projects

    Andy Rock started to play in rock bands in early 2000. The main musical influences of this Greek artist on his music and guitar play come from some of the greatest AOR bands such as Bon Jovi, Richard Marx and Michael Bolton. In 2004, Andy Rock formed the Melodic Rock band Wild Rose. The guitarist has always been composing more songs besides the ones for Wild Rose and after releasing his first solo record "Into The Night" in 2012.[14] The album featured Andy Rock on guitars, bass and vocals and hit a sold out.
    "This Time" was Andy Rock's second release in 2016 by Lions Pride Music.[15] Andy Rock recorded all instruments except the lead vocals and the drums. He also composed all of the songs on this album except 2 tracks in which Wild Rose member Dirty Haris helped him with the lyrics and mixed and produced it at Evo Studios, Macedonia, Hellas and took on board David Saylor on vocals and Chris Siloma on backing vocals & choirs as long as ex-Wild Rose member Vaggelis Domanos on drums & percussion.


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